Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1000+ Facebook Fans for Scrapable!!!

We hit 1000 Facebook Fans on Friday, September 30th. As a thank you for all who follow us, we will be offering coupons, freebies and more. Check the blog each day because each offer is good for 24 hours and then a new offer will replace it.

Just click here to go to the Scrapable Facebook Fan page!


  1. Hi Teresa!
    I was wondering if you will ever offer your 1000 Fans Facbook Freebie for sale at any time...? I was one day late in getting to the download, and now it's gone :( I am so sad, I really wanted it. Thanks so much for reading this...

  2. I have added a few elements to the original and it is now available in my store. Here's the link: