Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quick Photoshop Trick

Marcie added this post on Monday over at the Digital Designer Shop blog. I am always amazed at how these tips and tricks are seemingly endless and I love reading posts like this to see how many of them I know about. Did you know this one???

Manic Monday Photoshop Tips: Cycle through all open documents    
Hello! Can you believe it’s only 5 days until Christmas? Today’s tips is a simple but powerful keyboard shortcut to help you cycle through your open documents. Just press control-tab (on both PC and a Mac) multiple times to cycle through all of the documents that are currently open in Photoshop.  That’s it!

I'm taking next week off so there won't be a blog post next Monday but I’ll see you back here on Monday, January 3, 2011!

Have a very Merry Christmas,

Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Photoshop Tips and Tricks...

Check the blog at the Digital Designer Shop each Monday for Photoshop tips and tricks. This post was presented by CT Marcie. It may say beginners but intermediate to advanced users may find a new trick in this post...

5 Tips for Photoshop Beginners

Getting started in Photoshop can be overwhelming and require lots of time to mater. Today we’ll look at 5 tips to help you get more comfortable working in the Photoshop environment.
  • Select all pixels on a layer
    • To select everything on a layer press the CTRL Key and then click on the layer in the palette. You should see "marching ants" around your selection now. To de-select press CTRL D. 
  • Change your Screen Mode         
    • It’s easy to rotate between the various screen modes by pressing the “F” key. Pressing the “F” key repeatedly will cycle  through the default screen,  full screen,  and full screen without menu/editing bar.
  • Drawing a straight line
    • Draw a straight line with the paintbrush, line and move tools by simply holding down the “Shift” key while dragging the mouse to draw the line.
  • Open file shortcut          
    • Want to use the ope file menu without having to go to the file menu bar? Simply double click anywhere in the gray Photoshop background and the file open menu box instantly pops up.
  • Use TAB to hide palettes
    • Want to hide those palettes from your workspace? Simply click on the TAB button to hide and then click it again and they reappear.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More Photoshop Tips and Tricks...

Every Monday you can find great tips and tricks like these on the Digital Designer Shop blog. Start your week off right by learning something new or reviewing things you may have learned but have forgotten. These particular tips revolve around the Type tool. Check it out!

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