Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Country in my Travel Destination series

I honored a request from one of my CT members in doing this latest kit in my Travel Destination series. She and her family were visiting Denmark and she asked me to create a kit for her photos. Here is that kit.

The kit has 3 different windmills because windmills aren't just found in the Netherlands. There are 2 older style windmills and 1 modern windmill that generates power. I have included Viking embellishments - a ship, shields, a hatchet, a helmet and a spear. There are postmarks from Copenhagen and Billund where you will find the first Legoland park. There is an open scrapbook/travel journal that you can add your own photos to and write journaling to create an interesting page. ( I have an example of that kind of page coming this weekend.) Then, since Legos were invented by a Danish carpenter, I have included a bonus kit of Lego papers and Lego blocks.

 You can find this kit and more at my shop at Scrapable today!

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