Friday, January 27, 2012


Are you familiar with this new way to keep a diary online? It is pretty simple to do and it makes it easy not to forget. Here's how it works...

Everyday, you get an email from OhLife asking how your day was. You simply reply to that email writing whatever you want, making it as long as you want and then hit "send". It goes to your account on OhLife where the entries are stored for you in chronological order. You can go back and read them whenever you want. And it's private so no one else is able to read what you wrote.

If you are taking pictures everyday or every week, this is a perfect way to journal at the time and then add it to your layout later when you make your page. That way you don't forget those little details because you are writing things down the day they happened.

You can have the email sent whatever time of day you want. I have mine sent in the evening so that I can immediately write about my day. There's just something about that little email sitting in your Inbox beckoning you to take time and write something. It makes it hard not to write!

I use to always keep a journal or diary and had not written anything in a long time. Getting back into writing has been fun.

Here's the link if you are interested in trying it. OhLife

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