Monday, February 21, 2011

Tips and Tricks for Photoshop

Here's another great tip from Marci at the Digital Designer Shop Blog. To keep up on all the new happenings at DDS, subscribe to the newsletter by using the signup link on the sidebar of this blog.

Now let's see what Marci has for us today...

Hopefully,  following along with these Manic Monday Photoshop tips is helping you become more efficient in Photoshop and therefore giving you more time to scrapbook! Try to work the tips into your daily workflow and before you know it you will have them all memorized.  Special thanks to Kathleen for sharing  today’s tip about changing the size of the brush!
For review here are the basic brush tool commands that we previously covered:
  • B (Brush Tool) — I’m constantly using this command along with the hand and zoom tools.
  • [ (Decrease Brush Size) — Quickly decrease your brush size to get into those tighter spots.
  • ] (Increase Brush Size) — Quickly increase your brush size for the larger areas.

With any painting or brush tool active you can use the shortcuts below to easily and precisely change the brush size by dragging the mouse or pen tool.  This is super cool because you'll see an immediate, interactive on-screen visual as you drag your mouse or pen tool. 

The commands for Mac and PC are different so be sure to use the correct one for your machine.
Hint hold down the alt/option key and then drag to the right to increase or drag to the left to decrease.

Change brush size: option-ctrl-drag
Change brush edge softness: command-option-ctrl-drag

Change brush size: alt-right mouse button drag
Change brush edge softness: shift-alt-right mouse button drag

That’s it for this week. See you back here next Monday with another Photoshop Tip.


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